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Stress can cause us to act out, have difficulties at school, have problems with friends and even get anxious or depressed. Meditation can help to manage stress effectively but many meditation techniques are difficult to do. Transcendental Meditation (TM) on the other hand, is extremely easy, exceptionally effective and can be learned from 10 years of age. And there even is a special children technique for children age 5-9.

Watch what Katy Perry and Hugh Jackman have to say about it.

“TM is such an incredible, useful, simple tool, that has made such an impact on me. It’s like the most rest, the most powerful power-nap you could ever get. I think it’s fantastic to be able to give that kind of tool to schools.”
Katy Perry 
“What TM has done for me and Deb and my children is gotten us back to the thing we had forgotten, which is: it is our birthright to be happy, to be alert, to actually connect with people in a real way. It’s not just finding quiet, it’s finding bliss. It helped me in every way, immeasurably.”
Hugh Jackman 

Research in San Francisco public schools that have made TM part of the school program, showed that 93% of school students found TM easy to do.

In Europe, the Erasmus+ Education programme of the European Commission, provided €1 Million in grants for research with TM in schools. The results showed that students became happier, more able to learn and more tolerant of one another. Other research shows that TM can even help to increase IQ, reduce ADHD symptoms and increase self-confidence.

Watch the video below to hear children’s experience with Transcendental Meditation.

How can young people learn?

The Transcendental Meditation technique is individually taught by a professionally trained teacher who is able to lead anybody, even children, through the experience of transcending in a completely natural way.

For children age 5-9, there is a simple 1 hour meeting and a few short follow-up moments to learn the children’s technique. For people age 10 and up, this technique is taught step-by-step during four consecutive meetings. This is followed by a follow up program over the next six months to ensure the correct practice.

The first step, however, is simply to attend a free intro talk.

Do you have 90 minutes to discover how everything can change?

To understand how a simple technique can provide so many benefits, sign up for one of our free intro talks. Just fill out the form below, or select your nearest city on the map below. You will be able to:

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